Jennifer Holey

U.S. Army 1994–2002

Jennifer Holey entered the Army Nurse Corps after graduating from Texas Christian University, where she was a member of ROTC. Her eight-year career in the Army included six months in Haiti as an ER nurse at a United Nations facility in Port-au-Prince. She described her experiences there in her self-published memoir, “Cinderella, The Church and a Crazy Lady”.

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Joseph J. Gallick

U.S. Army 1986–2009

In 1997, U.S. Army Chaplain Corp member, Joseph J. Gallick Jr., stepped down from active duty, when he became the priest at the Albanian Orthodox Church of the Annunciation in Natick, MA. During this time, he also was attached to units in Londonderry, NH and Hanscom Air Force Base. Prior to his time in Natick, Gallick had stints in Fort Carson, Colorado, and Hanau, Germany, where he spent three years in 1990-1993. He also spent time in the Persian Gulf, arriving just as the first war was starting. While his unit was never deployed, he helped prepare other units for deployment, and recalled, he would often be the last person to say good-bye, wishing the men and women a safe return. He was with the 655th ASG in Fort Drum, NY, when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan. He spent a month in Afghanistan (January-February 2005), as the military needed an Orthodox Priest to conduct services for the units. He retired in 2009 with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

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Marcia Bloom Zwecher

U.S. Army 1943–1945

Marcia Bloom answered the call for women to serve and spent 2 1/2 years in the Women’s Army Corps. A shy young woman, she learned how to handle herself in whatever assignments she was given, from drum corps to military police and even as part of a radar crew in Orlando, FL. Many of her stories are humorous, although she did experience some discrimination because she was a woman. While in service she made many lifelong friends. Marcia talks about her husband, Otto Zwecher, who fled from the Nazis in Austria and became an interpreter for the U.S Army during the war, and about life in Natick after the war.

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Charles Fraser

U.S. Navy 1943–1946


Charles J. Fraser enlisted in the Unites States Navy at age 17 as an electronics technician and trained to repair anything from radios to sonar and radar equipment. He was assigned to the minesweeper Redstart AN387 with the mission to clear mines from harbors in Japan, Korea, and Formosa (Taiwan.) Fraser was awarded the WWII Victory Medal, the America Area Medal, and the Pacific Area Medal.

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John Filios

U.S. Air Force 1942–1967

John Filios grew up in Westfield, one of 10 children of Italian immigrants. During World War II, he worked in Fall River assembling munitions. He joined the Air Force in 1942, shortly after the Japanese attacked Guam and Wake Island. He was trained to be a radio operator, and would eventually help test and maintain radar installations during the Cold War.

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Richard Dinning

U.S. Air Force 1943–1947

Richard Dinning volunteered for the U.S. Army Air Force and became a B-17 pilot with the 351st Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. He flew on 33 missions over Germany. Dinning took part in the Battle of the Bulge from the air, as part of a 2,000-bomber “morale mission.” He also conducted mercy missions to liberate French prisoners of war held in Austria. Dining was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

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