Elliot Goodman

Elliot Goodman had just finished law school when he was drafted by the U.S. Army in 1954. He would be trained in field artillery and sent first to Fort Chaffee in Arkansas, then to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. A “lucky break” got him assigned to managing the Army Service School, which assigned personnel (enlisted and officers) to the Army’s various training centers.

Elliot Goodman during his days with the Army.

Elliot Goodman in 2017, showing the photos of himself and his father, Louis.

Russ Lattuca


Russ Lattuca enlisted in the U.S. Navy right after graduating from Maynard High School in 1965. Trained in fire control, Lattuca was assigned to the USS LaSalle, an amphibious transport vessel. The LaSalle transported equipment and personnel to various parts of the Atlantic; it even picked up an unmanned Gemini test capsule that turned out to be part of an experimental spy program.



The USS LaSalle


The USS LaSalle picking up a Gemini test capsule


Article on the USS LaSalle colliding with an Israeli ship

Daniel Callanan

U.S. Marine Corps, 1943-46



Dan Callanan left Malden Catholic in February 1943 to join the Marine Corps, because his father had served with the Marines during World War I. Callanan would be trained as an aerial photographer, and would serve in North Carolina, Florida and at Midway Island in the Pacific Theater.



A portrait of Dan Callanan when he served with the Marines.


Marcia Bloom Zwecher

U.S. Army 1943–1945


Marcia Bloom answered the call for women to serve and spent 2 1/2 years in the Women’s Army Corps. A shy young woman, she learned how to handle herself in whatever assignments she was given, from drum corps to military police and even as part of a radar crew in Orlando, Fla. Many of her stories are humorous, although she did experience some discrimination because she was a woman. While in service she made many lifelong friends. Marcia talks about her husband, Otto Zwecher, who fled from the Nazis in Austria and became an interpreter for the U.S Army during the war, and about life in Natick after the war.


Marcia Bloom Zwecher at WAC graduation


Marcia Bloom Zwecher at Fort Devens, 1943


Training how to use gas masks


Marcia Bloom Zwecher, center, heading home, 1945

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Claire Maxfield White

U.S. Army 1943–1945


Marie Claire Maxfield White joined the U.S. Army Air Force in 1943, following in the footsteps of her father, a colonel in the Army Reserves, and two brothers who served in the Army and Navy, respectively. White became a radio mechanic, and served at the Big Spring Bombardier Training Base in Texas. A highlight of her service came when she fixed the radio on the plane carrying entertainer Bob Hope and his troupe.





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Catherine “Kit” Symonds

U.S. Navy 1944–1945


As a Yeoman 1st class in the Navy during World War II, Kit Symonds performed clerical work in Key West, Fla., and Washington, D.C. She talks about her role in helping to find housing for servicemen and their families in Key West and about her experiences in boot camp in New York, which included singing with the Ray Charles choral group for two months.


Kit Symonds at the annual Veterans Breakfast, Kennedy Middle School, Natick, 2011

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