Viviana Cordoba

U.S. Army 1999–2008

Viviana Cordoba joined the Army in 1999 because she wanted to travel and be part of the Army lifestyle. As a reservist she worked in patient administration at Fort Devens with the 804th Medical Brigade. In 2005 she was called into active service, placed with the 883rd Medical Company and sent to Iraq. Her duties included interaction with the local workforce, and recording the experiences of troops returning from the battlefield. After six months in Baghdad, her unit was sent to Camp Liberty in southwest Iraq and the remainder of her deployment she spent with clients, including more women veterans. Upon discharge she returned to Massachusetts and is now the coordinator for the Women’s Veterans Network, keeping the 28,000 female veterans in Massachusetts informed of the benefits and programs available to them.

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Brett Conaway

National Guard 2003

While at Roger Williams University, Brett Conaway joined the ROTC program. Following the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, he was called to active duty with the 211th Military Police Battalion of the 772nd Military Police Company, overseeing security at Otis Air National Guard Base and at airports on Cape Cod and the islands off the coast. He was then sent overseas for Operation Iraqui Freedom where his battalion handled security for a base in Baghdad and conducted missions throughout the Sunni Triangle. A former palace of Uday Hussein became their headquarters. While training police in Fallujah, members of the 211th came under attack and Conaway helped rescue wounded soldiers. After many years of active duty, Conaway talks about returning home and reuniting with his family.

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David S. Ball

U.S. Air Force 1991–0000

As an ICU and Emergency Room nurse, David Ball had experience. He also had friends who were Air Force flight nurses and, wanting to make a difference, he joined the US Air Force Reserves in 1991. With 18 years in the Reserves as a Flight Nurse, his duties have taken David to Kosovo in 1999, Afghanistan in 2003, and Iraq in 2005. In this interview, he offers insight into the duties of the Flight Nurse and technicians. He also talks about the heartache of transporting a seriously injured soldier and the humanitarian mission to save a young boy in need of a heart transplant. David is currently a Major in the USAF Reserve and expects to be sent back to Afghanistan in the fall of 2009.

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Michael Anthony

U.S. Army 2003–2010

Michael Anthony joined the Army Reserves at the age of 18. He trained to be an operating room technician and was shipped to Iraq in 2006. Assigned to the 399th Combat Support Hospital, he tells of his experiences in Mosul, where they were “mortared constantly” and Al Asad, helping military and civilian casualties alike. Anthony kept a journal, which would becore the bases for his book “Mass Casualties,” published in 2009.

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