U.S. Army 1959–1969
U.S. Air Force 1943–1945

Silvio Mandino was born in West Natick, MA. He lived on Loker Street, later renamed D Street. He recalled the quick-changing nature of the town; Martin Cerel and other builders put up hundreds of houses almost overnight, with more and more people moving to Natick. He attended the West School and Coolidge Junior High School. While he attended the old Natick High School for his sophomore year of high school, he moved to the new Natick High School for his junior and senior years. While there, he was an editor for the Sassamon and lettered in baseball. After graduating, he took a job in Wellesley. He also joined the National Guard. For his first five years in the service, he was an ‘enlisted man’, when he decided he wanted to become an officer. Shortly after graduating the program, he volunteered for Vietnam, along with a friend from Needham, MA. While in the service, he recalled other incidents, mostly as his friend was involved, as well as nearly being called into Active Duty at several other points in time, including when the Berlin Wall was being erected, and again during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He left the service after 10 years. Silvio Mandino spent a majority of the interview talking about his brother, Augustine “Og” Mandino, who after serving in World War Two as part of the 445th Bomber Group, Eight Air Force, became famous as a writer and motivational speaker. Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World” was bestselling. Og Mandino died in 1996, and Silvio noted that he wanted to tell his brother’s story as it was something his brother never would have done.

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