Effie Hall


Effie Erickson grew up in East Natick and graduated from Natick High School in 1938. She talks about life as a secretary and nurse’s aide during World War II, and also about her first cousins, the Liljas (five sons joined the Marine Corps; four fought in World War II; two – George and Ralph — were killed in action). She also talks about her husband, George Hall, who worked at the atomic bomb testing site at Los Alamos, New Mexico.



Effie Hall at the Veterans Wall, Morse Institute Library


Effie Hall taking part in a paper drive in Natick during WWII.


Where Effie and her husband stayed in New Mexico.

Louise Hale


Louise Stone spent most of her childhood in Natick, and was working as a secretary in Boston when the war began. Her husband, Edward L. Hale, was drafted into the Army and stationed near New York City. In order to be closer to him, she moved to a rooming house in New Jersey and worked as a secretary on the Manhattan Project for about a year and a half. Louise tells of her experiences in wartime New York and Boston, from commuting on the subway to rationing.



Louise Stone, high school yearbook photo


Louise Hale, work photo


Edward Hale in uniform

John Cardillo


John Cardillo enlisted in the Navy in 1965, shortly before his 18th birthday, because he wanted to see the world. Cardillo served as a seaman on board the USS Tanner, and took part in three missions on board “swift boats” patrolling the Mekong Delta. During the Tet Offensive, Cardillo helped rescue personnel and recover bodies.

This interview was recorded at the Bedford VA Medical Center.


William “Bill” Callahan


Bill Callahan is a “30-year” man with service in both the U.S. Air Force and the Mass. Army National Guard. His active service with the Guard includes two tours of Iraq, during which he helped provide logistics and supplies for coalition forces (2003-04), as well as helped provide security around Camp Liberty near Baghdad (2007-08). Callahan would earn two Bronze Stars for his work.



Bill Callahan, formal portrait


Col. Callahan in Iraq briefing security guards from Uganda.


Col. Callahan at Camp Victory in Iraq


Dorothy Capone

Dorothy Capone has several relatives taking part in World War II – from an uncle wounded at Anzio, to a brother who served in the Navy, a cousin-in-law who sailed on the Bowdoin looking for German submarines in the Artic, to relatives in Italy who lived in caves after the Germans took over their community.


Edward DiTullio

The Bowdoin

Joseph and Richie DiTullio

Joseph DiTullio

Beatrice Wadland

Beatrice Wadland is a lifelong resident of Melrose; she currently lives at the home where her husband grew up. The daughter of a World War I veteran, Wadland remembers growing up during the Depression, and life on the Homefront during World War II. During the war, her husband worked for General Electric, helping develop the first jet engines.

Lillian M. Boyd


Like many women of her generation, Lillian Boyd worked in a factory during World War II. Raised in Waltham, Mass., she could walk to the Waltham Watch Company, where she worked making radium watches for the troops. Lillian reminisces about what life was like during the Depression, going to chaperoned dances with soldiers stationed in Boston, and the camaraderie with her girlfriends. She expresses the frustration of many women who had to return to the kitchen once the war was over.

Boyd, Lillian – Award of Merit booklet

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