Virginia “Ginny” Kirby Sullivan McGowan is the daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother of veterans. Raised in Newton, she worked at the Raytheon defense plant on radio tubes for the military – in those days, top-secret work. She and her sister, Patricia, also performed in USO shows throughout the region, often with their father, Frank Kirby, a professional piano player; they would often visit hospitals and perform for wounded soldiers.



Virginia Kirby, right, with her family. Frank Kirby, top right, served in the Navy; David Kirby, below, served in the Marines


Article on Virginia Sullivan’s family, 1970s. Michael Sullivan, front row, left, was in the Army


The Sullivan family, 1960s. Joe Sullivan III, top row, far left, was in the Navy


With son, Richard, who was in the Army in the 1970s


A Sullivan family wedding, early 1980s. Kevin Sullivan, top row, far left, was in the Navy