Viewing and Borrowing Materials

All of the materials in the Natick Veterans Oral History Project may be viewed at the Morse Institute Library.

They can also be borrowed.

Residents in towns served by the 41 Minuteman libraries in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, can go online and reserve the item they want and have it sent to their library.

Patrons in other parts of Massachusetts, the United States and overseas can check with their individual libraries to request that the item be sent to their library through the Inter-Library System.

As of this writing, the borrowing period to view these DVD interviews is 2 weeks.  Loan periods can be extended when needed.  There is normally no charge to borrow these DVDs through your public library.

Purchasing and Using Copies of the Materials

If you wish to obtain and keep a copy or copies of the interviews, the Morse Institute Library will be glad to make a copy for you.  There is a charge of $20.00 per DVD, which covers copying, shipping and handling.  Checks should be made payable to Morse Institute Library, with a notation that it is for the Veterans Oral History Project.

These materials cannot be reproduced or distributed for commercial purposes.  For permission to reproduce portions of these materials for educational purposes (a school project, for example), please contact Maureen Sullivan at 508-647-6400, ext. 1533, or at

When using these materials for educational purposes, we request acknowledgement of Morse Institute Library Veterans Oral History Project of Natick, Massachusetts.

Note: While the Oral History Project and Morse Institute Library have permission to use veterans’ photos and other documents, it does not own them; therefore, neither the Oral History Project nor the Morse Institute is allowed to release or sell such items. Those wishing to obtain such items should contact the veteran, the veteran’s family or veteran’s estate.

How can I conduct research or view Morse Institute Library’s Veterans Oral History tapes and other veterans’ materials?

The library staff is always glad to work with researchers and those interested in reviewing the collections.  You may conduct basic searches for lists of veterans and civilians by war, branch of service, and alphabetically using the Minuteman Library Network online catalog at  This catalog includes Morse Institute’s collection which contains information on the veterans’ DVDs as well as thousands of titles of military interest.

Items can be borrowed directly or requested for delivery to your public library using the Inter-Library loan network.  Check with your public library for more information.

What other materials does the Morse Institute Library have on veterans, life on the home front, and military history?

The library, with support from several grants from the state, has purchased books, DVDs and Books on CD on a variety of subjects.  These include personal narratives of wartime and home front experiences, regimental histories, New England and Massachusetts participation in wartime events, materials on military strategy and the art of warfare, and the history of war and wars from ancient times to the present.

This up-to-date collection also includes materials on all wars fought by the United States from Colonial times to the present, including biographies, women’s participation, espionage, security and terrorism.  In addition, books on military arms, equipment, uniforms and insignia of many countries and time periods have recently been added to the library collection.  Other subjects include famous battles, aircraft, submarines, tanks and battleships of war. Medal of Honor recipients, war memorials, Normandy and Arlington cemeteries are represented in the collection. Books on veterans’ benefits, tests for the military and the aftermath of war on nations and individuals are also available.

Does the Morse Institute Library have other historical materials on military events which have affected Natick, Massachusetts, the state and New England?

The library has a few documents, deeds and records of military interest prior to 1850.  These documents are in the library archives, and an appointment would need to be made in advance to see these materials. These items include:

  • Historical Photographs Collection (archives)
  • Hayden Civil War flag – Battle of the Wilderness, 1862-63 (2nd floor)
  • Historical sketches by individual Civil War veterans regarding their service. Information includes battles, soldiers’ names, years of service, etc. Some information is available on Civil War veterans in the communities surrounding Natick.
  • Portrait of Vice President Henry Wilson (2nd floor)
  • Military documents re: Civil War conscription in Natick (archives)
  • Spanish American War historical photographs (archives)
  • WWI postcards from Europe. (archives)
  • Scrapbook, WWI newspaper clippings (archives)
  • Legacy of Service Collection (photographs of veterans from Civil War to present day, on display next to the Teen Area on the second floor)
  • Veterans’ Oral History DVDs.  (Morse Room, first floor).

Many of the items above are in fragile condition and are kept in the library archives, but many of the documents and photographs have been duplicated to provide a copy for the public to use.  For information or to make an appointment, please call the Reference Department at the library at 508-647-6521.

Do you have any military exhibits or displays in the Morse Institute Library?

The library has, on permanent exhibit, a portrait of Vice President Henry Wilson and a flag from the Battle of the Wilderness.  In addition, numerous photographs are available in the Local History area on the second floor, including the Legacy of Service, a collection of photos from veterans with a Natick connection that span from the Civil War to the present day.

This is also a display of World War I documents and memorabilia on exhibit in the Morse Room on the first floor of the library. This display highlights the role local residents played in the war; many of them served in the 26th (“Yankee”) Division.