U.S. Army 1943–1945

Marie Claire Maxfield White joined the U.S. Army Air Force in 1943, following in the footsteps of her father, a colonel in the Army Reserves, and two brothers who served in the Army and Navy, respectively. After Basic she was sent to Newark NJ to learn radio repair and maintenance and then sent to Big Spring Bombardier Training Base in Texas where her job was to repair radios on the training planes. Later she worked in the information and education office for USAFI where she compiled information for veterans wanting to go to college and also sent out press releases about what (nonclassified) events were going on at the airbase. After VJ day, Claire wanted to re-enlist but her mother wanted her home, and the telephone company would always take her back. Overall, she thought it was important to have served in the military and that she loved the service.

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