Robert W. Wright


Bob Wright was born and raised in Natick. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1966 to see the world and have some adventure. He became a “plane captain” working the flight decks on the USS Yorktown, USS Constellation and the USS Ranger during the height of the Vietnam War and the Cold War.



Bob Wright at the Veterans Wall, Morse Institute Library, Natick


Bob Wright during his service on board the USS Yorktown
Bob Wright on deck


Ronald “Chuck” Tiberio


Chuck Tiberio enlisted in the Army in 1968 to avoid being drafted. A brand-new college graduate who majored in mathematics, Tiberio went into artillery because that’s where he believed he could put his math skills to good use. He would spend most of 1969 in South Vietnam with Alpha Battery, 7th Battalion, 8th Field Artillery, 54th Artillery Group. Although never in direct contact with the enemy, Tiberio talked about his unit being hit with mortar rounds.


Sadie Stepner


Sadie Stepner was born in Boston in 1914; her father operated the stables in Franklin Park. She remembered Boston Mayor James Michael Curley, as well as life during the Depression and World War II. After the war, she and her family moved to West Natick, and became one of the first families to join Temple Israel.



Neil and Sadie

Byron Prescott


Byron Prescott joined the U.S. Air Force in 1963 on the advice of his older brother. Trained as a radio operator, Prescott would be stationed in the U.S. and overseas, including a tour of duty in Vietnam that had him in the middle of the Tet Offensive in 1968. After finishing his active duty, Prescott would join the Mass. Air National Guard, where he would serve until his retirement in 1994 with the rank of master sergeant.


Kenneth Pitts


Ken Pitts grew up as an “Army brat,” moving every three years to new postings, including Panama and West Germany. Shortly after he joined the Army in 1989, Pitts would return to Panama, this time as part of “Operation Just Cause,” the campaign to oust Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega. As a member of the Massachusetts National Guard, Pitts would take part in missions to Kosovo and Afghanistan, in addition to Counterdrug Support Operations. He retired from the Army in 2012 as a master sergeant.



Kenneth Pitts as a sergeant, 1994

Kari Otto


Kari Otto joined the Army in the 1980s as a way to help pay for college. From ROTC at Colorado State University to garrison commander at Natick Labs, Otto tells of her experiences as a combat engineer helping to build base camps in Belize, Cuba, Bosnia, Egypt and Afghanistan. She also describes her reaction to 9/11 and what it was like to be transferred from Afghanistan to Natick in 2008.


Ronald Michael


Ron Michael grew up in East Natick; several of his neighbors had served with the U.S. Marine Corps, and that’s where he enlisted in 1956, right out of high school. He would serve three years as an amphibian tractor repairman, serving in the United States and in Lebanon.



Ron Michael points to his aunt’s name on the Veterans Wall, Morse Institute Library, Natick


Ron Michael with his unit in Beirut


Ron Michael, congratulatory letter

Virginia McGowan


Virginia “Ginny” Kirby Sullivan McGowan is the daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother of veterans. Raised in Newton, she worked at the Raytheon defense plant on radio tubes for the military – in those days, top-secret work. She and her sister, Patricia, also performed in USO shows throughout the region, often with their father, Frank Kirby, a professional piano player; they would often visit hospitals and perform for wounded soldiers.



Virginia Kirby, right, with her family. Frank Kirby, top right, served in the Navy; David Kirby, below, served in the Marines


Article on Virginia Sullivan’s family, 1970s. Michael Sullivan, front row, left, was in the Army


The Sullivan family, 1960s. Joe Sullivan III, top row, far left, was in the Navy


With son, Richard, who was in the Army in the 1970s


A Sullivan family wedding, early 1980s. Kevin Sullivan, top row, far left, was in the Navy