James Nicholl Jr.


James Nicholl Jr. joined the Navy in 1944 to honor his father and history teacher. He would serve on several vessels, including an armed cargo vessel and mine sweeper, in Scotland, Russia and the North Atlantic. Nicholl would also serve during the Korean War.

James Nicholl Jr. during WWII.


James Nicholl Jr. among a group of veterans receiving diplomas from Everett High School.


James Nicholl’s certificate of honor for his service in the Korean War.


Citation from the American Legion; Nicholl served as a commander for Post 210.



David Gaulin

U.S. Army, 1954-57


David Gaulin entered the U.S. Army in 1954 as a way to stay out of jail. He trained as a tank driver, and was stationed in Furth in West Germany. When he was sent to the border at Czechoslovakia, he helped several civilians fleeing the Soviets. While he was heading back to the United States, Gaulin witnessed the sinking of the Andrea Doria.


Theodore “Ted” Zicko


Ted Zicko was born and raised in Natick. As a child growing up during World War II, he remembered rationing and seeing Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour at the Common during a bond drive. After the Korean War started, he enlisted with the U.S Air Force and spent four years in Intelligence as a linguist (Albanian language), forward observer and photo interpreter. He is a recipient of presidential citations from the United States and the Republic of Korea.



Ted Zicko and friend Charlie Behanna


Ted Zicko on the Okota Raiders baseball team


Ted Zicko at the Veterans Wall, Morse Institute Library, Natick

David A. Whitmore


After junior college, Dave Whitmore worked for an engineering firm in Manchester, N.H., and when he was called up during the Korean Conflict, enlisted into the Army. Initially stationed at Camp Gordon, Ga., he was sent to New Jersey for VHF (very high frequency) communications training. Although he wanted to go to Germany, Dave was instead sent to Japan, where he worked at a transmitter station in Tokyo Bay. After the service, Dave had a 35-year career with Raytheon, working on projects such as HAWK (ground-to-air missiles) and SPARROW (air-to-air missiles).


Nicholas Paganella


Nicholas Paganella was born and raised in Marlborough, Mass., and joined the U.S. Army from the Mass. National Guard for the G.I. Bill. He spent more than a year in Korea at the DMZ, where “they looked at us and we looked at them.” Paganella speaks of his experiences in Korea and the National Guard, as well as his career as a beauty shop owner, teacher at Keefe Tech in Framingham and “Veterans Corner” columnist for the MetroWest Daily News.