U.S. Army 1942–1945


Already working full time at his family’s store in Worcester, Mass., before graduating from high school, Isadore “Izzy” Golub knew the meaning of hard work and commitment. When the U.S. Army called on him to serve in 1942, he went about his duty with the same dedication. From basic training in Miami Beach, Fla., he went to airplane mechanic school and then to his assignment at Gunter Field outside Montgomery, Ala. Not only did Americans train there in BT-13s for combat overseas, but also cadets from England, France and Canada. At the same time Izzy’s younger brother Charlie went overseas to fight. After the war, the Golub brothers went back home to Worcester to run the Green Street Market, the family store for 70 years.


Charlie Golub
Field maintenance
Izzy and Charlie Golub
The Green Street Market in Worcester


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