Robert Jubinville


Robert Jubinville entered the U.S. Army in 1968, during the height of the Vietnam War. Instead of being sent overseas, Jubinville was assigned to the Research and Development Center in Natick, aka Natick Labs, to serve as a test subject. For 18 months, until he was released from active service, Jubinville tested everything from clothing to drugs. When he was not “in test,” he worked at the Labs’ dispensary.



A test bike at the Natick Labs


Robert Jubinville testing a jacket


A fellow test subject at the Natick Labs during the Vietnam era


Robert Jubinville, right, at a Vietnam program, Morse Institute Library, October 2017

Joseph Barisano


Joseph Barisano joined the U.S. Army shortly after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. He spent most of his time with Military Government, driving officers around. He earned four battle stars while serving in England, France and Germany.

A poster honoring Joseph Barisano, aka Ray Barron.


Joseph Barisano at the Bedford VA Medical Center, 2017


Thomas A. Hunt


U.S. Army 1954–1956


While lying in bed at night, Thomas Hunt would hear squadrons of bombers fly over his home in New Canaan, Conn., and knew the types of planes from the engine sounds they made. This is just one of the stories Tom recollects about his boyhood days before and during World War II. He talks about his brother, Bob, who served in the Marines and was wounded at Okinawa, and about his own experiences serving the U.S. Army in West Germany during the Cold War in the 1950s.


Robert Hunt, Thomas Hunt’s brother, who served in the Marines.

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Dan Hubbard

U.S. Army 1956–1960
U.S. Marine Corps 1960–1980


Dan Hubbard was born and raised in West Virginia. He served four years in the Army from 1957-61, went back to civilian life and decided it wasn’t for him. So he joined the Marines. Dan talks about his 20-plus year military career in both branches, including his two tours in Vietnam. Dan also talks about the way the military was treated by the media and the public in the 1960s.


Dan Hubbard, 1966
Dan and Joyce Hubbard, 1963
Dan Hubbard at Camp Hansen, 1977


J. Anthony Hubbard, grandson


Joyce and Dan Hubbard, 2011


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Jennifer Holey

U.S. Army 1994–2002


Jennifer Holey entered the Army Nurse Corps after graduating from Texas Christian University, where she was a member of ROTC. Her eight-year career in the Army included six months in Haiti as an ER nurse at a United Nations facility in Port-au-Prince. She described her experiences there in her self-published memoir, “Cinderella, The Church and a Crazy Lady.”


Jennifer Holey, 2014


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