George Snow


In June 1948, 10 days after graduating from Holliston High School, George Snow joined the U.S. Navy. He was trained in electronics, and would spend the next 21 years as a petty officer/technician at various stations, including the 1st Naval District in Boston and with the submarine service in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean.




Frank “Chip” Sinclair


Frank “Chip” Sinclair grew up in Natick, and joined the U.S. Navy shortly after graduating from Natick High School in 1970. He would become a machinist’s mate on board the USS Little Rock and USS Capodanno. Sinclair also served 16 years in the Army National Guard.



USS Little Rock


Engine room, USS Little Rock


USS Capodanno

William MacFeeley


William MacFeeley volunteered for the U.S. Navy right after he graduated from Gloucester High School in 1968. During his four-year stint in the service, he would perform a variety of duties, from damage control to special services. His final months of active service would be off the shores of Vietnam on board the USS Providence, providing support for troops fighting inland.


Russ Lattuca


Russ Lattuca enlisted in the U.S. Navy right after graduating from Maynard High School in 1965. Trained in fire control, Lattuca was assigned to the USS LaSalle, an amphibious transport vessel. The LaSalle transported equipment and personnel to various parts of the Atlantic; it even picked up an unmanned Gemini test capsule that turned out to be part of an experimental spy program.



The USS LaSalle


The USS LaSalle picking up a Gemini test capsule


Article on the USS LaSalle colliding with an Israeli ship